Drivu is a service operated by 4M Technologies LLC. Drivu is a business where the food is prepared by independent restaurants or coffee shops and picked up by you as a customer.

Drivu provides a way for you to communicate your orders to restaurants and coffeeshops listed on its service and enable you to pickup the items as you arrive to their selected branch. We provide a simple and convenient service to you to place your orders easily. We offer restaurants and coffeeshops a method of having a drive thru facility using technology to comfortably sell their items to customers who are driving to their branches.

Drivu does not sell or interfere in any way in the production of any food produced at the restaurants or coffee shops. We only offer the ability to reach the restaurants and coffeeshops using the drive thru method and enable the customers to order and pickup the items as they arrive. All our subscribers are obliged to comply with the country’s local laws, rules, regulations and standards related to food preparation, sale, marketing and safety. We do not independently check, verify or audit the representations or items of restaurants or their compliance with applicable laws. We do not guaranty the quality of any food or its compliance with applicable laws or matching it with the menu displayed on drivu’s service. We are not liable for responsible for any food or service offered by restaurants or coffee shops ("subscribers") that is unhealthy, caused injury, unacceptable or that does not meet the expectations of the customer in any way.

All items preparations are the sole responsibility of the restaurant and coffeeshop accepting the order. They do everything they can to meet with the preparation time, however at times it may be affected by factors beyond their control and therefore can not be guaranteed.

We hope you enjoy the experience of drivu!