What your business will receive:

Free Setup

Free brand exposure

Free Instant Support

Free loyalty stamps

Fees structure

No setup fees

Service fee: 15%

Online payment processing fee: 2.35%

Marketing plan (one of any plans)

Note: The agreement is the terms of use

Note: device can iPad mini or Android Tablet with 8" screen and 2GB memory with latest operating system.

Frequently Asked Questions


You need a dedicated iPad/Tablet to receive Drivu orders, given that the device will only be used for Drivu and no other apps.

Drivu app will be installed from the App Store or Play Store & has to be open all the time. You will login into Drivu App using the same credentials at time of signup from the website.

The Device should be dedicated & only used for drivu orders. This will cause delays in receiving customer orders, thereby receiving customer complaints. Using the iPad/Tablet for things other than Drivu causes issues & will affect the customer experience.

  • Any iPad would work with iOS 10 or above.

  • A stand with the iPad as it is operationally better to view orders.

  • For Android tablets, Lenovo 8 inch with 2GB memory is mostly used.

Drivu for shops is currently compatible with iPads/tablets only.

HotSpot from a mobile phone will lead to connection issues, thereby delays in receiving orders & affecting customers experience.

You can be live in the same hour of signing up if the following points are done:

  1. Signup through the website, upload all the menu & required details

  2. Have an iPad or Tablet used only for Drivu orders, placed at the Store.

  3. Download Drivu & login into your order's dashboard.

  • Joining Drivu is free. There are no setup fees, no subscription fees or any change in your infrastructure or operations.

  • We charge 15% as service fees from the total value of each order, in addition to 2.35% for online payments plus VAT for AED orders and 3.47% with no VAT for QAR/KWD/JOD orders.

  • We charge for picked up orders only. We don't charge on orders that have been rejected by the shop

  • Free digital loyalty stamps feature & we do not charge any service fees on the complimentary items

  • There are no cancellation charges

  • Part of the process of going live is to purchase a promotion plan for the branch. There are different plans to choose from to make your shop more visible to drivu customers.

Our training is done remotely only. A 3-minute video is available to watch once logged into the Order’s dashboard. After the staff watches the video, our training team will be giving a “quality assurance” call to make sure all points are covered; after which the account can be live.

  • Cash paid directly to the store. For cash orders, the cash change due will be mentioned in the order if the customer mentioned it, so the staff can bring it out along with the order. Customers can pay using their physical credit card as well directly to the store.
  • If the customers decide to use their credit cards on the shop’s device, then Drivu considers it as a cash order, not online.
  • Online payments through Drivu, which makes the experience even more magical as the staff will focus on preparing the order & the customer doesn't need to check his wallet.

Invoices are sent monthly along with the detailed sales report & statement of account to the management & accounts.

Account settlements happen on a monthly basis. We transfer the net balance amount to your shop bank account the first week of every month when it’s above AED100 or equivalent in other currencies. There is a AED 30 charge for international transfers.

We will calculate all the fees for both cash and online orders. Drivu fees & online payment fees will be deducted from online payments.


The menu photos to be 1:1 ratio like Instagram pictures or 900x900 pixels, and less than 500kb in size.

The menu can be updated anytime. If you don’t have photos, the shop’s logo will be used instead.

You can currently view it from the website only.

Yes, menu item descriptions can be added.


You can notify us one month ahead of time by email, so we can arrange for our accounts closing.

Drivu is only specialized in drive-thru orders & not looking into delivery. Drivu is the best way for your customer’s delight as they will receive the order fresh and in best quality.

  • Logo

  • Price List & Photos

  • Contact number of the Store

  • Store Location

  • Working Hours

  • VAT: are prices VAT inclusive or 5% to be added to them?

  • Email address to send weekly invoices

  • Bank Account Number & IBAN

  • Number of digital loyalty stamps you would like for the customer to get a free item

Customers can only order during your working hours and then it will be automatically offline. You can go manually offline during those hours.

Yes, the average time of preparation is displayed once the order is placed. Also if an item has a longer average time, it will be highlighted to the customers.

Drivu helps you avoid such situations. The staff prepares the order only when the customer is very near. This will be clear from the Drivu dashboard, as the staff will know the real time location of the customer & how many minutes left to arrive.

As for customers using Drivu for the first time, the staff will be notified that they are first timers. They can only prepare the order once the customer is near or they can also call the customer.

There is a reject button to cancel the order as well.

Yes, the dashboard will list the Total Sales for the day from Drivu along with the list of detailed orders per day. They can see how much was the total cash sales and how much online sales.

There’s an instant support button on the Shop’s Dashboard, the staff can click and our support team will be calling the store immediately for any order or technical issue.

The management will also be receiving an email from our customer service team if an order got missed by the staff in case the order was not accepted for more than 5 minutes.

Yes. You can add/ change items or pictures at any time from the website or the dashboard.

Yes. You can either do it directly from the website or the dashboard

That’s fine. Digital loyalty stamps is a free feature we provide to the shops even if they don’t have loyalty cards. The system has a maximum of 10 stamps and it will give a free loyalty drink/item from the shop. It will appear once the customer opens your shop menu. It is automatically recorded so the staff doesn’t need to stamp or remember. When customers use the full stamps, it’ll appear in the iPad/Tablet that the order is paid by loyalty stamps.

Drivu resolves that easily. The pickup point will appear on the customers map as a green circle. They will know where to stop to get their order.

With your business sign up & online registration, you’ll automatically agree to the terms & conditions which will appear to you at the time of signing up with your details, they can be found here.

No, Drivu is a drive-thru service, customers send their Drive-thru orders & don't like to call, wait or go through the traditional way of ordering. It’s faster, convenient & delightful.

Average waiting time will be also shown in the order’s dashboard for the shop’s management to see how long the customers are waiting outside. The magical experience is to have the staff waiting for the customer upon arrival based on the time shown in the dashboard.

Yes, discounts can be applied to certain categories of the menu or the full menu for a specific period of time.