Drivu (4M Technologies LLC) - Terms and conditions of service

This page lists the terms and conditions on which businesses (“subscribers”) use drivu service to supply any of their items listed on drivu service. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before signing up, using the service or receiving any orders from drivu. By signing up, accessing our service or receiving an order you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you do not accept these terms and conditions in full, please don’t use the drivu service.

Drivu is a service operated by 4M Technologies LLC ("we", "us" or "drivu"), which facilitate the sales and pickup of orders. The items are prepared by independent businesses (“subscribers”) and picked up by the customer (“user”).

Description of Service

Drivu provides subscribers a method of having a drive-thru facility using technology to sell their items to customers who are driving to their branches and serve them while staying in the car in a comfortable and convenient way.

Subscribers Terms of Use

The following points are part of the Subscription Agreement (the “Agreement”) which is entered into by and between on 4M Technologies LLC. Organized and existing under the laws of Dubai, under Trade License number (704656). Referred to hereinafter as “First Party: drivu”. & you as a business owner/manager, referred to hereinafter as “Second Party: subscriber”. By adding the subscribers details, you consent and agree that you are part of the subscriber's legal entity and have the right to add its details.

Therefore, both parties accept this agreement as per the following conditions:

  • Drivu agrees to receive orders from “Customers” on behalf of the Subscriber. Drivu is responsible for transmitting customer’s orders to the Subscriber through the agreed Electronic Linked connections
  • Subscriber will be using drivu electronic system to receive orders from “Customers”. The Subscriber will accept the order & prepare it for “Customers” pickup as they arrive to the location, according to food and beverage industry standards. All order transactions will be made within the system itself.
  • Subscriber will have real time access to “Customer's” location once order is accepted, unless the customer device lost connection or couldn’t transmit its location.
  • A constant reminder notification will be sent to the Subscriber to accept the “Customer's” order quickly as per food and beverage industry standards. When “Customers” arrive to the location, the Subscriber’s staff will take the prepared items to the “Customers” and collect the payment for cash payments.
  • Drivu will receive a 15% service commission fee from the total value of each order sent by the First Party to the Second Party & sold through the drivu system.
  • Incase of delay or non payment of service commission, Drivu is entitled to stop or suspend the service until receipt of all its dues.
  • The iPad /Tablet will be provided by the Second Party and will be dedicated for the use of drivu to receive customers orders.
  • Drivu is not responsible for the faults arisen from “Customers” such as refusing to pick up the order or failing to be present at the time of pickup, etc. Drivu will do its best to prevent such conditions.
  • The Subscriber will bear the charges/fees of credit card payments or any other form of online payment transacted by the customer in drivu. The online payment fee is 2.35% plus VAT. Any changes to the online payment rates will be reflected automatically in the invoices. Drivu will be transferring the net amounts to the second party bank account mentioned in the billing section during the first week of each month. The sales report, Statement of Account and Invoice will mention all the details along with the payments and net amounts.
  • The Subscriber agrees that customers will only pay for the items they were served, not items that were ordered but not served.
  • The Subscriber agrees that all content provided and used in drivu is owned by them and not copied or taken by third parties without prior consent.
  • The Subscriber is solely responsible for compliance with applicable local laws, regulations, rules and standards related to preparation, selling, marketing and safety of the items and its components. Drivu will not be held liable for any item, food or beverage provided by the Subscriber that is rotten, expired, not valid, causes harm, not acceptable to “Customers” or does not meet expectations of “Customers” in any way.
  • The duration of this contract is 1 calendar year, effective from the day of signup and it's automatically renewed. Drivu may terminate this contract at any time without any reason or objection from the subscriber, without prejudice to the rights of both parties towards each other. Subscriber may terminate this contract at any time after sending a written one month notice to drivu prior to the termination.

We may revise and change these terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice. You agree to indemnify hold drivu (4M Technologies LLC), its parents, subsidiaries, officers, directors, employees and subscribers harmless from any claim, demand or damage (direct, indirect or consequential), including attorney’s fees made by anyone in connection with your use of the service.