Instant drive-thru solution.

Maximize revenue with a great customer experience.

Maximize revenue with a great customer experience.

Available on iPhone, iPad & Android devices

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We are known for coffee & are part of the customer’s daily habits!

List of some of the coffee shops & restaurants who are on board.

Features you’ll love


Drivu makes it very easy for you to serve pickup orders in an efficient way. Here are some features that make all the difference!

  • 1
    Real-time Car Location

    Know the exact location of the customer and how long he’ll need to reach your restaurant. No more standing outside waiting for the customer to come, you’ll know exactly when he’ll arrive!

  • 2
    Live Feedback from Customer

    Get feedback from customers while the order is open, so you can satisfy them immediately.

  • 3
    Loyalty Stamps System

    Reward loyal customers by offering them free items as they frequently order.


Its mostly hot outside and you hardly find parking space to come in and order something on the go. Drivu comes to solve this for you!

  • 1
    Get served in your car!

    The moment you arrive, the restaurant staff will magically appear to you with your order.

  • 2
    Skip the long wait

    You’ll already take few mins to arrive to the restuarant, just order before time to have your order ready the moment you arrive!

  • 3
    Loyalty Cards

    You know when you forget the loyalty stamp card at home? No more! Its now built in the system so you automatically get your free item.

How it works