Frequently Asked Questions

What is needed to join Drivu?

You only need to have a dedicated iPad for Drivu orders with a stable Internet connection. The POS iPad or music, menu iPad wont be suitable because the staff wont notice the orders. Thats why it has to be a dedicated iPad only for Drivu orders.

How do customers pay?

Customers can pay in two ways: Cash directly to the shop or using Drivu online payment.

If some customers pay Drivu for orders, what about settlements?

Account settlements happen on a monthly basis. We transfer the net amount to your bank account during the first week of each month. If customers pay online, Drivu fees will be deducted and the net amount will be transferred to your bank account.

How do we know the details of each transaction?

You'll receive monthly sales reports, statement of account and invoice by email. Every successful order will be listed. You'll also be able to access the history of all orders at any moment from your shop account.

Thats it?

Yes! sign up for your shop by filling the form, add the branch details along with the menu. You can download Drivu from the App Store on the iPad (yes, its the same app) and log in. The staff will need to watch the "Staff Training" video on the iPad and then we'll call them to confirm few points & go live the same day!

What are the fees for Drivu?

We only take 15% service fees for orders coming through Drivu. If customers pay with their credit card (online payment), there will be the usual additional bank charges.

Whom shall I contact for more questions?

You can email us on for any questions you have in mind.

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